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What's the difference?

I understand the challenges of a small business owner because I am a small business owner.  Like you, the future of my family revolves around the success and growth of my business.  Some days we eat beans and some days we eat steak.  That's a powerful incentive.

The "big guys" have hundreds of clients and provide a wide range of services.  I provide many of the services the big guys provide:  accounting and financial statements - sure.  Bookkeeping, taxes, budgeting, banking relations, special projects, advice and more - of course.

The difference is I don't do everything for everybody...

I focus on what's important to the small business owner.  Every financial decision I make has an impact on the future of my family.   Like you, I want to make the best decisions based on timely and accurate information while also being keenly aware of what I've done in the past that may or may not have worked.  Isn't that how you make decisions - big or small?  What I do is insure you have the timely and accurate financial information and historical perspective necessary to confidently make those decisions. 

​I want your business.  Call me at 251-751-5866 so we can discuss your bookkeeping, accounting and tax planning and preparation needs.

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